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Last updated 31/05/2024


This Website belongs to “OLIVER GOLD AND CO LIMITED PARTNERSHIP” (d.t. “GAVELLO”), a company legally seated at 9, Merlin Str., P.C. 10671, Athens, Greece, with TIN number 801495409, D’ Tax Office of Athens, General Commercial Registry number 157969601000, telephone number +30 2107244933 and email info@gavellomilano.com / maria@gavello.net(hereinafter “GAVELLO” or “We”). GAVELLO uses this online store “www.gavellomilano.com” (hereinafter the “Website”) for the promotion and distribution of its products via the Internet.  By using the Website’s Services by any means, user (hereinafter “you”) accepts these Terms, which you are requested to read carefully and use the Website’s Services only if you totally agree with them and their full application. The Terms and Conditions, along with the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy, available on the Website, are the only legally binding agreements between you and GAVELLO. They apply in full force, just as if they had been signed in writing. If you do not agree to these Terms, you should not use the Website.

Intellectual Property Rights

The Website is intellectual property of GAVELLO according to the applicable Greek Copyright law, as amended and currently in force as well as to international conventions signed by Greece. 

The Company maintains exclusively any intellectual property rights on the design, source code and the entire content of the Website (including but not limited to images, graphics, photographs, texts and all other files of this Website) either directly as creator or indirectly, licensed by the respective creators. Violation by any means of these rights will draw the subsequent penalties and liability defined by applicable laws. Indicatively and non-exclusively: copying, modifying, publishing, distributing by any means of the content of the Website, as well as decompiling or by any means unauthorized use of its software is prohibited.

Any trademarks, brand names and logos appearing on the Website are either registered trademarks of GAVELLO and/or third parties and they are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek and European trademark laws, and by international conventions and treaties. In any event the use of these trademarks, brand names and logos, without granting a license by GAVELLO, is absolutely prohibited.

Processing of Personal Data 

The processing of your personal data is carried out in accordance with the Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy, available on our Website. Both Policies form integral part of these Terms.

User’s obligations

You accept and agree that you will lawfully use our Website. The purchase of goods through our online store is only permitted by users who have the legal right to conclude contracts and the capacity to perform legal acts as defined in the Greek Law. You also accept that you will not use our Website and online store to send, post, send by e-mail or otherwise transmit any content which is illegal, harmful, threatening, abusive, annoying, slanderous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, violates someone else’s privacy, shows empathy or raises racial, ethnic or other discrimination or can cause harm to people who are underage in any way. You will not add to or use in relation to our Website any content which is not entitled to be transmitted according to the law or contractual relations or management (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information acquired or disclosed as part of a business relationship or covered by confidentiality agreements), violates any patent, trademark, trade secret, intellectual property rights, rights or other proprietary rights of third parties, contains software viruses or any other codes, files or programs designed to interrupt, damage, destroy or disable the operation of any software or computer hardware, violates the applicable Greek and European Law and its provisions intentionally or unintentionally, may disturb third parties in any way or is used to collect or store user’s personal data.


GAVELLO recognizes the importance of the security of your Personal Data and electronic transactions and takes all the necessary measures, using the most up-to-date and advanced methods, to ensure maximum security. All information related to your personal data and your transactions is secure and confidential. The security of the Website is accomplished in the following ways: 

Customer Identification: The codes used to identify you are two: Log in Code (e-mail or username) and your Personal Security Password, which grant you a secure access each time you use it. You are the only person who has access to your data through the codes mentioned above and you are solely responsible for maintaining them secret and hide them from third parties (natural persons or legal entities). In case of loss or disclosure of your codes, you must immediately notify us, otherwise GAVELLO’s online store is not responsible for the use of the secret code by a non-authorized person. For security reasons, we recommend that you avoid using same or easily detectable codes (e.g. date of birth). Ensuring Privacy of your Personal Data transmission: To ensure the confidentiality of transferred data, we use the encryption protocol. Automatic Log Off: If there is no activity for 30 minutes, you are automatically logged of the online store. Firewall: Access to GAVELLO’s system is controlled by a firewall, which allows the use of specific services by the customers / users, while at the same time forbids access to data systems and databases with confidential data and company information. Encryption: There is a 256-bit SSL encryption anywhere you enter personal data (password, addresses, phone numbers, credit cards, etc.). Encryption is a way of encoding the information until it reaches its intended recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key. When ordering and since the user / customer is logged in the online store with his username and password, all communication between your computer and our system is encrypted using an EV 256-bit key. This means that each time you send information to the system, your browser first encrypts it using an EV 256-bit key and then sends it to the system.

Confidentiality of transactions

Confidentiality is self-evident. The same basic principles which govern classic transactions also apply to e-commerce. All information submitted by the user/member is confidential and GAVELLO has taken all necessary measures to use them only to the extend where this is necessary in the context of the provided services. Some of the measures taken are as follows: only authorized employees have access to your information of transaction and only when this is necessary, e.g. to handle your requests.

GAVELLO does not disclose its customers and their transactions data unless there is a written authorization by you or it is required by a court order or a decision of another public authority. None of your data is used by third parties. You can ask for any information stored for you and their amendment in case you can prove the error. For your own security, you should also handle all information provided through the service as confidential and secret and do not disclose it to third parties.

Account registration

The Website offers client registration. By creating an account, you will be able to have your own profile, add products to your “Wishlist”, shop faster, be up to date on an order’s status, and keep track of the orders you have previously made. To create an account, we ask you to fill in your personal information (see our Privacy Policy). By concluding the registration, you receive a confirmation email to the email address you have provided. Once you register for an account, you can log-in as a returning customer by entering your e-mail and password. 

You are personally and solely liable for all actions taking place via your account and for your proper log-out after the end of each use of the website Services. You are obliged to immediately inform GAVELLO in case you become aware of any unauthorized use of your account or any possible security violation. You are solely responsible for the careful use of your account. GAVELLO is not liable for any damage caused to users who fail to comply with the present condition.If you want to delete your account, please contact us at info@gavellomilano.com or maria@gavello.net.

Purchase of Products

To facilitate your search, we have chosen a simple procedure: Using the “search” option, you will easily be guided to the specific product you want. If you wish to place an order, fill in the order form with all the information requested. The company makes every possible effort to provide high quality services. However, errors in prices and secondary product features cannot be excluded and it cannot be ensured that there will be no interruption of the website or “human” errors when updating / listing the price of a product. For the security and efficiency of your purchases, in case you find out that a product is offered at an unusual low or high price compared to its market value, before proceeding with its order, please contact the Customer Service by phone at 210-7244933 or by e-mail. When you place your order, you will receive an automated e-mail confirming receipt of the order and reporting its details. After the order is processed by GAVELLO and when it is received by Courier to be delivered to you, you will receive an email that your order has been shipped.

In case there is a pending issue in your order, you will receive a relevant e-mail. Alternatively, we will contact you on the phone number you indicated at your registration or order. Please take care of their receipt and storage throughout the transaction.

Contract information – Pricing

We provide you with clear, correct and understandable information about the products or services before you conclude the transaction, such as the main characteristics, the total price inclusive of VAT and all additional charges. GAVELLO reserves the right to adjust the prices at its own discretion. 

If we change the price of a product or service, the new price does not have a retroactive effect for previous orders before the price change. Our product pricing policy is the same for all our distribution channels, namely our physical and online store.

In any case, although we make every possible effort to accurately list the items and prices we dispose in our online store, we cannot exclude the possibility of typos or technical errors in prices and features of the products. For this reason, prior to any payment and completion of your order, we suggest that you confirm any price with the Customer Service by calling at 210-7244933 or by emailing the website.

Payment methods

Payment by credit card

GAVELLO’s online store accepts all Visa and Mastercard credit cards. Your transactions on our online shop are protected by superior online security systems, which guarantee a secure transaction environment. All card payments are processed by the electronic payment platform of “Alpha e-Commerce” of Alpha Bank and uses TLS 1.2 encryption protocol with 128-bit (Secure Sockets Layer – SSL). Encryption is a way of coding the information until it reaches its recipient, who will be able to decode it by using the appropriate key. For credit card purchases, please follow the instructions in our online store. You will be asked to fill in the order form your credit card number, expiration date and security code. GAVELLO does not keep or store your credit card details for reasons of maximum security, so you need to re-enter your credit card information for every purchase you make.

Paypal payment

You are transferred to Paypal (online secure trading system) and you complete the payment through your Paypal account. PayPal payment process is fully automated and is usually completed in a few minutes.

Delivery of Products – Shipment costs

Your orders are shipped for delivery to the address you have indicated by courier service with the company “Courier Center”. Delivery dates are usually from Monday to Friday, except holidays, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. This time limit does not apply during extreme weather conditions or strikes and in any case of force majeure which may affect shipment time.
For orders within Attica, delivery is scheduled for the next working day and costs 10 €. For orders outside Attica, delivery is scheduled within 2 working days (for difficult accessible areas, delivery is scheduled up to 3 days) and costs 10 €. For shipments abroad, the cost is 35 € and delivery is scheduled for 5 to 15 working days.

Delay of order

Your order may be delayed for the following reasons:
a) Our supplier has delayed to send the product: In this case we will contact you to ask you if you wish to receive the order without the delayed product or to suggest an alternative. This product will be sent immediately after we receive it.
b) The product you ordered has already been removed and is unavailable: Among the products we exhibit in our online store, there are rare occasions when their supplier suddenly and without any prior notice announces that they are abolished. In this case an employee of our company will contact you directly to give you all the alternatives.
c) During extreme weather conditions or strikes and in any case of force majeure which may affect the shipment and delivery of your order.
d) In case it is impossible to contact you by telephone and/or e-mail (if there is a problem with your order, either in relation to the product or its payment) because, for example, your entered information which is not properly updated.

Cancellation and Return Policy

The return of an item is subject to the following conditions: the item is under the same condition as it was at the time of the delivery, namely not used, with its packaging, label, and receipt, or invoice.   

The return of the product is possible:

a) When the product delivered is not what you ordered. In this case, the product shall be returned within two months of the delivery date and under the above-mentioned conditions, otherwise we are not obliged to proceed to a second delivery. Furthermore, in this case we shall bear the cost of the return and reshipment of the correct product.

b) When the product has material defects, you can ask for a repair or replacement, price reduction, a full refund and/or compensation, in accordance with the provisions of art. 534 et seq. of GCC.  Νo commercial guarantees within the meaning of the provisions of art. 5a of Law 2251/1994, are provided for our products. In this case too, we shall bear the cost of the return of products and reshipment of repaired or replaced products.

c) When you want to exchange a product. Within 14 days of the delivery, you have the right to exchange the product you received with a product of the same price or a higher price if you wish to pay the difference. We do not exchange products purchased on sale. You shall bear the cost for the return and the reshipment and for any damage on the product caused during the return.

d) In case you want to cancel your order for any reason (“right of withdrawal”). You have the right to cancel your order within 14 days, for any reason and without a justification. This right shall expire 14 days after the day you received the item. If the right expires on a non-working day, your deadline is extended till the next working day. It should be clarified that this right does not apply to goods prepared to customer specifications or tailored to the personal needs of the customer.

If you want to cancel a purchase, you have to inform us via telephone or email and send back the item. For the purpose of informing us, you can use the Model Withdrawal Form. You have to send the goods back within 14 days of informing us. When you submit a cancellation request, we give you a refund within 14 days of receiving your request. However, we can delay refunding you if we have not received the goods or evidence that you have returned them. Your refund includes any shipping charges you paid when you made your purchase. However, we may charge you delivery costs if you specifically requested non-standard delivery (such as express delivery) and you shall bear the cost of the return. We use the same payment method that you used when you purchased the product or service.

In general, you shall bear the return costs, unless you prove that the products delivered are not what you ordered or they have material defects.

No warranty

No explicit guarantee is given that the pages, services, features, options and contents of the Website will be provided without interruption or errors, or that any errors will be corrected. Despite our efforts, there is no guarantee that the Website does not contain viruses or other harmful content.

Restriction of Liability

Given the nature and volume of the information on the Internet, under no circumstances, including that of negligence, shall we or our representatives be held liable for any form of loss or damage sustained by the viewer of the services, options and content of the Website, use of which he/she makes entirely and solely at his/her own initiative and responsibility. Under no circumstances, including, but not limited to, negligence will we or our representatives be held liable for any form of loss or damage arising out of or relating to these Terms or that result from your use or your inability to use the Services of the Website. 

GAVELLO cannot provide any guarantee for the availability of the products but guarantees to timely inform consumers about unavailability. GAVELLO will only be liable for gross negligence and willful misconduct in case of any delay in the delivery of the ordered products and for information or services provided through its Website.

GAVELLO shall not be held liable and is not bound by erroneous data entries to our online store. GAVELLO shall be held liable only for material defects on the products or lack of agreed quality. However, you are entitled to compensation for material defects on the products or lack of agreed quality, only in case of fault based liability.

Links to third Party Websites

The Website may contain links to other websites, which are controlled by third parties. In no event shall we or our representatives be held liable for the content of such websites, nor for any financial or other form of loss or damage suffered by a viewer visiting such sites. Under no circumstances shall we or our representatives guarantee that these links will operate without interruption. Furthermore, these external links are indicative, not exclusive or limiting in nature. We reserve the right to remove or add links without notice, and to change the content of the Website at any time. The user acknowledges that under no circumstances shall we or our representatives be held liable for the content of the hyperlinks it contains, the services/products they may offer or the advertisements they may feature.


You are liable towards us and our third-party providers, for any damage caused as a result of illegal or harmful use of the Website from your side, as well as for the illicit use of the Services provided by GAVELLO or any use in a manner that does not comply with the present Terms. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold us harmless immediately on demand, from and against all liability, damages, losses, costs and expenses, including legal fees, arising out of any breach of these Terms by you or other liabilities arising out of your use of GAVELLO.

Code of Conduct

The operation of our online shop is governed by the current Consumer Code of Conduct for E-Commerce. You can read the Code of Conduct that we apply at the following link: https://www.greekecommerce.gr/vivliothiki/kodikas-deontologias/.

Online Dispute Resolution

We would like to inform you that the possibility of resolving consumer disputes electronically through the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) procedure is foreseen throughout the European Union. 

If you are experiencing any problem with a purchase you made from our Website, you can initiate the ODR procedure through the platform for electronic dispute resolution (ODR platform), available at https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.chooseLanguage.

Amendment of Terms & Conditions

GAVELLO reserves the right to modify or renew these Terms in accordance with its own needs and in compliance with the applicable laws at any time. GAVELLO undertakes the obligation to inform users for any modifications and changes in these terms, through its online store. However, we encourage you to periodically visit this page in order to be informed about any change. In the event of any subsequent amendment of these Terms, your use of the Website at a future date will be taken to imply your acceptance of the new Terms. 

Applicable Law and other Terms

The above Terms, and any amendment thereof, are governed and supplemented by Greek law, the law of the European Union and the relevant international conventions to which Greece is a signatory. It is agreed that all the above Terms are of equal substance. If any provision of the above is contrary to the law, shall automatically cease to apply and shall be removed, without affecting in any way the validity of the other Terms.


Ιf you have any questions regarding the above Terms or would like more information, please contact us by sending an e-mail at info@gavellomilano.com or maria@gavello.net.